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Convert Youtube to MP3 extension for OperaYoutube to MP3 for Opera

Download any video from Youtube as a MP3 music file. Just click on Convert to MP3 button on Youtube video page, wait for audio conversion to finish and download your file.

Why another Youtube to MP3 converter? Because it is using the best service –

No need for an account, no spam or pop-ups. Converting is much more faster, because the popular videos are being converted already, all you have to do is click download and you’re ready to go.
Download Youtube to MP3 extension for Opera


I can’t see the button when https is enabled.

By default, Opera doesn’t load userscripts for https pages, but you can enable this feature. Paste this in the address bar: opera:config#UserPrefs|UserJavaScriptonHTTPS Enable the option, save and restart your browser.

What about Firefox or Chrome?

Firefox –
Chrome –

Please use contact page if you need any help.

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